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Beer Can Racing    

The Beer Can Race was started in 2006 by Past Commodore Ward Reaves and has been maintained by George Ellmore and others since that time.  This race is very laid-back with one of the main rules being "no protests".  Many serious Racers participate, but if you are more into steering the boat with your toes while you serve wine to your crew, this one is for you.  This Race is held on Wednesday evenings in the Spring & Summer and on Saturday afternoons in the Fall & Winter 

2020 Beer Can Calendar

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Beer Can Ratings - May 2020
Beer Can Ratings - March 2020


Beer Can Ratings Explained

2020 Fall Beer Can Results

2020 Spring Beer Can Results

2019 Fall/Winter Beer Can Results

2019 Spring Beer Can Results



2017-2020 Racing Rules


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