Racing & Boating

JYC Racing T-shirts

The excellent club atmosphere provides a great location for after race bragging or complaining. The bar, dining room and veranda are open after all the races.

Excitement, competition, speed, power, strategy, tactics, precision boat handling. That is sailboat racing. And that is racing at the Jackson Yacht Club. JYC offers this off the scenic veranda overlooking the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

The races are run very professionally with an on-the-water volunteer race committee. 

Order Race Comittee literature today!  

Join the Race Committee Team     $5.00
Rules in Brief Card     $3.00
Signal Flag Sticker     $2.00

Need a Boat?  JYC has been blessed with boats donated for qualified member use. 


Join US!, get competitive, improve your skills and have fun on the water and back at the club. You’ll love our welcoming atmosphere at the JYC club house. We look forward to seeing you out on the water and at the club